frequently asked questions

What kind of revenue or profit can I expect to make with Home Care for the 21st Century?:

The fact is the potential return on investment is significantly higher than many other franchise businesses. While we can’t make any earning claims on what your actual business will make, we can share this article regarding Home Health care franchises from CNBC:

Franchise Business Review, a market research firm, showed owner satisfaction was high.

The survey, released last week, showed top franchises grossed $1 million or more, with gross margins at 30 percent to 40 percent. As a comparison, opening a food or retail franchise can cost $500,000 in initial investments while operating with slim margins.

what support will my franchise receive?

Our franchisees are our partners. We will be with you every step of the way. Home Care for the 21st Century knows how much you will need to do before your business opens. We also know how challenging operating a business is after you have opened. Rest assured: we will set you up for success from start to finish. We can promise you the following:

  • Industry-leading orientation and training
  • Industry-leading operation planning and processes
  • Our fully customized Marketing and Sales plan
  • An internal communication system
  • Routine coaching and improvement sessions
  • Regional coaching and best-practices meetings
  • Annual progress, status, and best-practices conference
  • Available communication with other franchise owners
  • Fully vetted best-in-class partner relationships

Our roadmap, our Best Tool for Starting a Home Care Business, will set you up for success.

is there a specific type of business owner home care for the 21st century is looking for?

You can define Home Care for the 21st Century by our values. We stand for hard work, passionate dedication, and perseverance to our clients and their success. We are looking for business owners who will help us achieve our goals. Our business owners will need to generate business and keep clients exceptionally happy. We need leaders who can be influential in their communities. We need people like you, who want to make home health better for everyone involved. Lastly, we want business owners that want to reach unlimited profit, growth potential, and lasting success.

what does the franchise fee entitled me to?

The initial franchise fee is the starting point of our working relationship. Once you open the door to your home health business’ future, you receive numerous benefits. The initial fee entitles you to the following:

  • Access to our world-class brand
  • Access to our systems
  • Access to our specialized training programs
  • Access to our fully customized Marketing and Sales plan
  • Access to our industry-leading Operation planning and processes
  • Full participation in our initiation and orientation programs
  • The ability to protect the territory you will operate in
how long does it take to break even?

Our partners face different price points, initial costs, and operating expenses since every state has different policies. As a result, every franchisee will face different break-even points. Our team will help provide you with realistic expectations for your business during the initial start-up process.

can i start a franchise in my area?

Home Care of the 21st Century is available everywhere in the United States. We can help you set up your home care home health care or hospice business in any state. Our territories are developed with key indicators that will enable all business owners to reach their maximum potential.

When we construct your territory, we use 5 key indicators to lay out your area. To maximize your potential, we use demographics to include the senior population, overall population, median income, business referral facilities to market your business, and overall residents.

how long does it take to start a franchise?

Starting a home care, home health care, or hospice business is a process. The process can take as little as 90 days up to a year and a half. It depends on the state requirements and the business model you enter into first. For specific information, you can contact us directly.

do i need past experience in the medical field?

Absolutely not. You do not need past experience in the medical or healthcare fields. We are looking for initiative, passion, and perseverance. You will need to find clients, generate business and maintain customer satisfaction ratings. Being business savvy will take you further than a medical background will.

how much should i expect a franchise to cost?

Our franchise fees range from $39500-$69500 depending on state requirements and the business model selected. Average total costs vary across the United States. The range is between $85,800 and $203,000. Where your business would fit into that range depends on a number of factors. For more detailed information, call us so we can go through your State requirements.

does home care for the 21st century provide financing? if not, can they help me secure financing?

Home Care for the 21st Century does not offer direct financing. Regardless, our Franchise Development team will walk you through your options. We have funding partners that we will connect you with that are specifically knowledgeable about this industry.

Hiring & Operation

what types of support will home care for the 21st century in terms of hiring new employees?

You will learn a number of strategies during your training and orientation. We will teach you how to best use job boards, social media, and word of mouth to attract employees.

Additional support will come from your franchise development coach, marketing and operations teams. We will make sure you are finding the right kind of people for your franchise. We will help you determine when to hire, how to connect with potential employees, and when to promote them.

Finally, you will have access to our best practices guidebook on hiring. This guidebook is updated constantly. Years of hiring experience will be at your disposal whenever and however you need it.

how will i recruit home health employees? how will i train and manage them?

Using the latest technologies, specialized new hire training programs as well as word of mouth and referrals, Home Care for the 21st Century will teach you to find the best candidates. We will train you to utilize job boards and social media to craft an efficient but extensive search. We will show you how to best utilize referrals, word of mouth, and job fairs to find the right people.

We know what to look for in the caregivers. We also know offering employees a career path will keep them engaged and involved.


is medicare accepted?

While many home healthcare businesses prefer not to accept Medicare, Home Care for the 21st Century does, in states where new Medicare agencies are allowed (i.e.not under moratorium) We will get you accredited with Medicare. Medicare is a critical lifeline for many of your potential clients. Without Medicare, they simply could not afford to pay for home health services. Medicare support allows them the dignity of remaining at home. Another key aspect of our business model features Private Duty home care. Private duty home care offers a number of benefits to seniors who wish to live in their own homes as they age. Private Duty will likely grow tremendously as the United States faces an aging population.

About Home Care for the 21st Century

With all of the home care and home health care businesses out there, what makes Home Care for the 21st Century different?:

First, we are the only home health franchises that offer 8 turn-key business models for the lowest franchise fee available.

Home Care for the 21st Century is the acknowledged leader in training for non-medical home care and skilled home healthcare. We are leaders in private duty, non-emergency medical transportation, and hospice services. And no other franchise is as successful at earning Medicare accreditation.

Our goal is to assist your business with licensing, accreditation, and processing. We have already helped nearly 3,000 businesses get started and thrive and we are always looking for our next success story!

Since our founding, we have grown tremendously. The home care industry will see incredible growth in the coming decades. We offer the best practices and techniques to run a successful business in the home care market.

Finally, we are not your bosses. Your business and franchise will not be a cog in the machine. You will be our partner in this venture. We will be with you every step of the way. We offer the training, education, and expertise you need to get ahead.

how was home care for the 21st century founded?

Our company began in 1996 by Rosina McFadden, BSN, MS. Her vision, passion, and abilities have made her a legend in the home health industry.

Though she has stepped down as the CEO of the company, she remains an active director of company policy. Her clinical experience and business acumen help to maintain our business. Her vision of excellent home care is what guides Home Care for the 21st Century. We have been helping home health agencies get off to a successful start since our business was founded in 1996.

The United States faces an unprecedented shift in population as our society ages. Home care has never been in higher demand. This demand creates unprecedented opportunities for our franchises. No matter what portion of the home care market you wish to enter, we have a business model you can utilize. Our passion and dedication is to provide you with the tools to succeed. We believe our services are the best value in the industry. We believe you will agree if you choose to start your business with Home Care for the 21st Century.