Our Vision

Home Care for the 21st Century is more than an industry-thought leader – we’re a way of life. This entire concept is about making a difference in the lives of seniors, the community, and our franchise partners. The future of home care is something that is constantly on our minds. Setting new industry standards is what we do, and this will shape our company over the next decade and beyond. Progressive trends are what fuel this industry, and we are offering some of the best solutions to meet these demands.
Successful caregiving requires a personalized approach. This is why we carefully assess our client’s capabilities, interests, and experience. Home Care for the 21st Century does a phenomenal job of matching the caregiver’s skill to the client’s actual needs.
Emotional care should be a priority, especially for seniors. Did you know that over 60% of seniors suffer from depression? Depression can negatively affect every aspect of a person’s life, and that’s exacerbated if they never see family or friends.
When a person becomes extremely lonely, depression can literally zap them off their mental and physical strength. They’ll lose their will to get up and do the things that they once loved. When this happens, their body can grow weak. As a result, household falls by seniors are ranked at the top of the list for hospital visits.
Home Care for the 21st Century helps keeps clients healthier by encouraging light physical activities. These activities stimulate the body as well as the mind and give the client something to look forward to on a daily basis.

Our Brand:
What Sets Us Apart

Our philosophy is simple: we hire people who care. We pride ourselves in a team mentality and we are exceptionally selective when it comes to growing our franchise partners.
We also have a lengthy training process that is unparalleled in the franchise industry. Our training starts day one and lasts through entire franchise agreement. As time passes and your business grows Home Care for the 21st Century supports your business through ongoing training, licensing updates and renewals, policy and procedure updates, regulatory compliance standards, recertification/reaccreditation, credentialing and much more. These are hidden costs that other franchise companies don’t bring to the forefront at the point of sale.
Internally, we treat our franchise partners like family and in turn, we ask one thing: that they treat patients like family.