Our Values

We have been in business for 24 years, fostering the growth of nearly 3000 home care, home health care, and hospice businesses through 21st Century Healthcare Consultants. Recently, we have expanded into franchising our model across the country at our customer’s request.
Our core values are not simply buzzwords: they help to guide each and every business decision we make.

Admire People.

We are focused only on the needs and the success of our clients. W.I.N. (what’s important now), As a franchise partner, we look at you as an extension of family and nothing is more important to us than family & faith.

Franchise Partnership Experience.

We are not satisfied with “good” or “adequate”. We strive to create a superb experience for our clients. We put so much effort and energy into customer service, they become “raving fans.” They rave about our service online, through Yelp, Google, Facebook, and Twitter, and acknowledge our attention to detail and our uniquely compassionate way of serving clients’ needs.

Find a Better Way.

As a franchising company, we have a plan and process to run each individual location. This makes our service consistent for all of our clients. If, however, an individual franchisee finds a better way to complete a task such as balancing the books, we encourage them to make the change and to share it with our corporate office. Input from our franchisees is crucial to our business model.

Passionate About Making a Difference

Our company was founded by a pioneer in the home care industry. Rosina Mcfadden has dedicated her life’s work to improving the home care industry and pioneered the New York State’s first in home care business model that is still successfully thriving today.
Our employees are passionate about their jobs and it shows in the quality of our services. We are expanding throughout North America and we are poised to reach into other countries as well. We are looking for franchise partners who share our passion for making lives better. We are focused on doing business ethically and with the needs of our clients foremost in our minds.
Home Care for the 21st Century Core Values
Home Care for the 21st Century Core Values